With ManagerPlus Cloud, the Future has Never been Easier

It’s no secret that technology is advancing around us at an ever-increasing pace. 20 years ago, mobile phones were huge and bulky devices that were only available to the elite. 10 years ago, mobile phones had transformed into technology available to all of us. Today, mobile phones grant us instantaneous access to information from around […]

Request Management: From Request, to Assignment, to Completion

When it comes to doing work, nothing is as revolutionary as the new ManagerPlus Request Management plugin. The Request Management plugin will help you from the time someone requests work to the point where it is assigned, scheduled, and then completed. Request Management with ManagerPlus Cloud is the ultimate tool for integrating work planning into […]

Game Changer – The 3 Simple Steps to Upgrade to the Cloud

What if we told you that you could upgrade the power, features, and capability of your ManagerPlus Desktop Software? Sounds cool, right? Now what if we told you that we made it into a very easy 3 step process that minimize the work on your end. Now that’s exciting. We know that the upgrade to […]

The ManagerPlus Proven Plan for Your Success

ManagerPlus believes that our success is measured by your success. That’s why we developed our Proven Plan for Your Success. It’s meant to give you more than a subscription to a software. Our Proven Plan will help you experience the success that is only possible with ManagerPlus. 1)    Sales The first step in our Proven […]

Mobile Companion for ManagerPlus: A Powerful Step Forward

If you’ve been working with a CMMS, you know that it can help a lot with your organization’s maintenance needs. However, desktop software is quickly becoming outdated for the modern worker. They don’t want to have to return to a desk computer to update their log data, and many don’t need access to everything in […]