If you’ve been working with a CMMS, you know that it can help a lot with your organization’s maintenance needs. However, desktop software is quickly becoming outdated for the modern worker. They don’t want to have to return to a desk computer to update their log data, and many don’t need access to everything in the CMMS to simply check what they need to do next.

This is where the new Mobile App by ManagerPlus helps the modern worker. When you take advantage of the Lightning platform, you gain access to new, powerful features on your Mobile device. This enables you and your organization to connect with a new level of power to Lightning. Discover the latest cutting-edge features with ManagerPlus Mobile App.

With the ManagerPlus Mobile, you are always connected. Manual, on-site syncing is replaced with automatic syncing from anywhere. Those who work remotely will receive notifications, complete work orders, and record their results from their mobile device rather than returning to the office. They can record their work on-the-go instead of trying to remember what they did try to fill out a form on the computer at the end of the day. When a maintenance manager is out on the floor, they can check on their assets by scanning their barcodes through the camera on their mobile device.

ManagerPlus Mobile is designed with your on-the-go job in mind: