When it comes to doing work, nothing is as revolutionary as the new ManagerPlus Request Management plugin. The Request Management plugin will help you from the time someone requests work to the point where it is assigned, scheduled, and then completed.

Request Management with ManagerPlus Cloud is the ultimate tool for integrating work planning into your asset management. While traditional CMMS focuses on work done on your assets, it does little to integrate that work into your actual workforce. Request management is a game changer when it comes to scheduling your team to implement all of your asset management efforts.

Organizations can create request portals for different teams or individuals. This way, the requesters can have a clear line of communication when they want work to be done. All requests go into our cutting-edge request management tool. From there, you can approve or deny the pending request.  Once approved, your requests are converted into work orders and funneled into your planning board. From your planning board, you can see everyone’s schedules and assign work orders to the appropriate individual.

Scheduling that work sends a notification to their mobile devices so they can review their work orders from anywhere. When they track the work as it is completed, you have a comprehensive record of every step of the way.

Request Management is just one of the incredible new features that you can access when you upgrade to ManagerPlus Cloud. Upgrade your CMMS today to ManagerPlus Cloud and get the power you need to take your organization to the next level.