See What You’re Missing

While you’ve been managing your assets with ManagerPlus, we’ve been working behind the scenes on something special. ManagerPlus Lightning is the natural evolution in Asset Management. Whether it’s the ManagerPlus Mobile app, the enhanced Business Intelligence reports, or the new Planning Board, Lightning will accelerate your organization and give you the flashes of insight you need to bring your Asset Management into the modern era.

Don’t Fall Behind

Technology is constantly evolving, and the longer you wait, the more your organization is missing out on when it comes to your future. Right now, we are extending an invitation we are extending to our most loyal customers to join our most advanced platform ever. Our new Lightning platform is based on the ManagerPlus you know and love, updated and super-charged to better suit the needs of a modern business.

ManagerPlus Lightning includes many new benefits like:

Fast implementation
Non-technical configuration
Little IT involvement
No hardware cost
Subscription billing
Easy and inexpensive scalability

Three Easy Steps

We’ve worked to make your transition quick with 3 easy steps:



The first step is helping you learn more about the Lightning platform

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and the new features it offers.  While many of the concepts will be familiar to you, we’ve added a lot of powerful new functionality that has been designed to increase your productivity and efficiency. Our product experts will help educate you and show you the special pricing available to our current customers.


Your asset data is important to the way your organization.

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When you decide to transition to Lightning, our data specialists will work with you to update your data and optimize it for your future operations. We’ve developed two options that you can use to move forward:

a) Complete Data Overhaul
If you are confident in the quality of your data, we’ll be happy to help you update everything to use in Lightning. Our Solutions Team can easily import your data and get it ready for use.

b) Fresh Start
We also completely understand if you don’t have complete confidence in your data. If your data’s been compromised in the past for whatever reason, then we have a great solution for you. We can take your asset list and import it without all of the other attached records. This means you can get up and going fast and won’t need to re-enter all your assets.



We know that you’ve been using ManagerPlus for years.

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We won’t bore you with training from the ground up. Instead, we’ll fast track your training specifically on the new features of Lightning so you can start using them. Then, you’ll be right back to work, but better than ever as you use the new Lightning platform.

We’ve been hard at work on our new Lightning platform, but we’ve made Lightning easy. If you’re ready to start learning, click on the button below and we’ll get you started with the Lightning platform for your organization.

The future is here with ManagerPlus Lightning. Let us show you how we can give you the features to accelerate your organization.